Top 5 celebrity haircuts for men

Do you catch yourself admiring famous men’s celebrity haircuts from time to time?

Be honest.

Love or hate them, celebrities always seem to have the best hairstyles that are up to date with the latest trends and look fabulous all the time.

We would all be lying if we said we didn’t wish we looked like some of those fab celebs out there every now and then.

Guess what? You can get one step closer to looking like Brad Pitt if you figure out how to get his haircut!

This is where your stylist comes in. Next time you head to the barbershop with the idea in mind you want to leave looking famous, bring a photo of your favorite celebrity haircut with you. That picture will help your stylist know exactly what haircut you’re going for, and whether it’s something you can achieve. So keep an eye out next time you are at the movies and find a celebrity hairstyle you want!

Here are some of our top celebrity haircuts for men that will help you get the look you need to feel famous.

1. David Beckham haircut


Known not only for his soccer skills and his Spice Girl wife, David Beckham is also a legend in the hair world. There’s no denying that his hair game is always strong, and he always looks effortlessly put together. The look that David Beckham rocks is a textured look, slicked back to keep it looking a bit rough around the edges, yet still polished.

If you’re looking to get the David Beckham haircut, be sure to ask your barber for a fade with a pompadour. This means you’ll have short hair on the sides, but a voluminous top. This look is great because it doesn't require much product or effort.

More recently, Beckham has gone for the buzz cut, so if you think you can pull that off like Beckham can, we say go for it.

2. Tom Hardy haircut


Recently Tom Hardy has been wearing a super short buzz haircut, and the crowds are going wild.

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to have, as no daily styling is necessary. It does require, however, ensuring your buzz stays the right length which means getting it cut quite often.

Tom Hardy has elevated your typical buzz cut by pairing with it a heavy side part made with a razor.

We like the bold move, and you might too.

The sides of his hair are donning a high undercut that goes perfectly with his well-trimmed beard.

3. Neymar haircut


Like Beckham, Neymar rose to fame due to his soccer skills. But, along the way, his hair gained some serious attention, and now we can’t take our eyes off of it.

Currently as the world’s highest-earning football player, Neymar’s haircut is something that many people are after in an effort to be more like him.

He’s sported a variety of hairstyles -- from a mohawk, to bleach-blonde locks and seemingly everything in between. It seems his favorite style, and most popular, is his more natural one.

Saying goodbye to the platinum look, Neymar has gone back to his curls. However, he had to add some personality to the curls, so he opted for faded sits and short-cropped curls.

This clean look is simple and gives a sharp look without too much effort.

4. Ryan Gosling haircut


There are many things to admire about Ryan Gosling -- his acting, his sense of humor, his musical talents, and, of course, his haircut.

Always looking perfectly cool and classy, the Ryan Gosling haircut is something that can be easily achieved by others.

Gosling wears dirty blonde hair better than really anyone else we know, and pulls it off in a cool and simple way.

The actor’s go-to style is the side part comb-over, with varying levels of texture depending on his mood.

You too can get this fabulous look by asking your stylist or barber for just that -- a side part comb-over. After that, all you’ll need is a bit of wax or pomade to create your part and keep it there.

5. Julian Edelman haircut


Though this guy spends a great deal of his time stuffing that hair into a helmet, when his hair does get a chance to shine in the spotlight, it always looks fabulous.

If you’re looking to give the Julian Edelman haircut a try, here is how you can do it.

Known as a comb-over fade, Edelman’s look is made even better because it is complimented by his beard.

Just the right dose of rugged, this look can still be crisp and clean. Plus, this look can be quite versatile. Depending on your mood, you can add in as much or as little pomade or wax as you like. You can tousle it for a more messy vibe, or slick it back for a more polished look.

Though you may not have the fortune, fame or bone structure of the celebrities above, you can certainly have their hairstyles!

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Before you start searching for a new hairstyle, make sure you know what type of haircut works best for your face shape. For help, check out our other blog “how to find the best haircut for you” to learn more!