10 ways to market your hair salon or barbershop and get more clients

After countless hours of hard work, dedication, and some serious sacrifices, you’ve finally got your salon up and running.The decor is stunning, the location is fabulous and your fellow stylists are top-notch. Now there is just one thing missing… clients.

Many people think that getting a shop open is the hardest part of starting a business. However, once the doors are open reality hits and they discover that the hardest part is attracting and keeping customers.

However, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

If you find yourself saying the words, “I need to learn how to grow my clientele,” then read on.

Here are some steps you can take to promote your salon or barbershop and get that client base built up so that you can stay busy and be successful.

1. Create a website


It is nearly impossible in the modern-day world for a business to exist without some sort of online presence, primarily a website.

The way that people’s minds now work when it comes to consuming information more often than not involves checking out a website. Whether the website is the first thing they see, or they are driven there to gather more information, it is vital for your salon or barbershop to be found online.

It doesn’t need to be something you pour a bunch of time or money into -- just even a landing page for people to visit and get some basic info about your salon should work. With simple to follow templates and tons of content available, making a website by yourself has never been easier.

2. Connect with the Klipped app

Klipped app to market salon

Klipped is the one-stop shop for stylists to connect with clients and make magic happen.

Bring clients into your salon or barbershop in just three easy steps:

  1. Sign up via the mobile app

  2. Create your profile

  3. Invite customers to book their appointments via the app

By using the Klipped app, potential clients can find you, view your profile and book an appointment all in one place.

Here’s what you can expect to get from Klipped:

●     Clients can view and book available appointments via the app

●     Your clients can find and share their desired hairstyles with you prior to the appointment

●     Simplified communication between you and the client

●     Market your company and yourself with a custom profile

●     Deposit money directly into your account from clients’ appointments

●     Simple to use credit card processing platform that handles all your payments

The Klipped app is a great tool to use if you work at a salon or barbershop and can be instrumental in gaining new clients and bringing them back for more.

3. Build social media profiles for your salon or barbershop


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that social media is more than just something fun to do when you’re bored -- it’s a major driver of business. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the big players in the game, so get your salon or barbershop an account for each of them.

 A daily post isn’t necessary, but make sure you are consistent with your social media posts. This is a great way for you to connect with clients and potential clients in a few ways. You can:

●     Post photos of happy clients

●     Introduce stylists

●     Share information about promotions

4. Make a Yelp page


Whether you’re a Yelp user or not, millions of people are, so you best get on the Yelp train for your salon or barbershop.

Setting up a page for your business on Yelp does not take much time or effort, and provides your clients a way to share their experiences at your salon.

It’s also a great opportunity to offer clients a discount for their next haircut by reviewing their experience with you.

5. Offer deals


This can come in the form of a special you’re running like a holiday or event, or some sort of daily deal you offer current and potential clients.

People love a good deal or a discount, and you can use this to your advantage. You may have to drop your prices a bit in order to run a discount, but the number of people you will bring in as a result will make it well worth it.

This also includes calls-to-actions that offer a bottle of shampoo with a haircut, or something along those lines that draws potential clients to take action on your offers.

6. Create a referral program


One of the best ways for a salon to grow its clientele is via word of mouth. All it takes is one fabulous haircut spotted by people to bring in numerous others.

“I love your hair! Where did you get it done?” And just like that, you have gotten yourself at least one new client. And it didn’t cost you a cent! Pretty great, right?

What is even better is if you offer clients a discount on their next haircut if one of their friends comes by the shop for a cut. This way you can have your clients work for you and everyone wins!

7. Keep them coming back

keep clients coming back

Successfully marketing your salon isn’t exclusively about getting new clients to come in; it is also about getting clients to come back.

In fact, repeat clients are oftentimes what keep salons and barbershops alive.

So, ensure that you are not neglecting this vital piece of your business. While they are in your shop treat them right. Maybe offer beer or coffee to help them enjoy the experience. And when they are not in your shop don’t forget to send reminders for their next appointment to keep you, and their look, at the top of their mind.

8. Newsletters and other email marketing


When people come into your salon or barbershop, ask them for their email address and add them to your list for future email marketing campaigns.

When it comes time to craft that email to send out to your clients, use catchy words and phrases in your subject lines to get people to open the emails. This will spark their curiosity to see what great things you are offering up.

Here are some top buzz words for your salon email marketing:

●     Sale

●     Exclusive

●     Savings

●     VIP

●     Limited time offer

●     Hurry -- offer ends soon

●     Loyal customer

 These are all words that consumers love to hear, and thus will increase your chances that they will open the email and take advantage of whatever it is you’re offering.

9. Start a blog


Starting a blog for your salon or barbershop is great for a couple of different reasons.

First, it helps keep you customers aware of what is going on in the salon, and any new things that are happening.

It also informs them about a variety of things. You can have you blog include information that goes beyond just about your salon -- include health information, beauty tips, and more.

The other benefit of a blog is that it helps boost you in search results. By using SEO properly in your blogs, you can see your business’ website boost closer to the top of search engines, which is a great way to boost your exposure and your client base.

10. Interact on social media

Social media platform for salon.jpg

While it is crucial to post regularly on social media, it is also crucial that you interact with your clients on there as well.

Share pictures that they tag you in, and respond to messages and posts. Loyal clients are something you want to build and maintain. Keep the conversation going!

See, marketing isn’t as scary as you made it out to be is it? With a simple plan and some help with implementation, you will be on the road to success soon, and will have a solid clientele to show for it.

To make your marketing a simple, painless, and successful process, sign up for the Klipped app today. It can be the missing piece to your salon or barbershop’s success. We guarantee you won’t regret it!