Top 5 celebrity haircuts for women

Few compliments are better than someone telling you that you look like a celebrity. That is especially true when that celebrity is one of the best looking celebs in the business.

We are here to tell you that you can get that celebrity look and feel with the right haircut. All you need is the idea, an open mind, a photo to accompany you and a trip to a fabulous salon.

To give you a few ideas, here are the top celebrity haircuts for women that are hot right now. See which one fits you best and book yourself an appointment to get that look that is so highly coveted.

1. Kate Hudson haircut


We’ve seen her wear a number of different haircuts, and absolutely kill it. Kate Hudson is #hairgoals, and her newest look is no exception.

After cutting her hair super short for a role, she has been growing it out, and is now to the point of a fabulous bob.

Hudson followed in her mother’s footsteps for years with her long blonde waves, but has recently taken charge in the hair scene with her various styles.

We love everything she’s ever donned, but are huge fans of this new bob.

It’s a simple cut that your stylist will be able to create on almost any type of hair. Sleek and chic, this haircut can be styled a number of different ways.


2. Jennifer Aniston haircut


Jennifer Aniston's haircut is one of the most iconic Hollywood celeb hairstyles ever.

 She’s rocked the same look for years and it is still looking great.

 It’s simple, clean and easy to maintain. Oh yeah, and it looks fabulous! What more could you want out of a haircut? We can’t think of anything else.

 With some sleek feathered layers and a solid blowout, you could have Aniston's hair too.

 Just expect a bit of maintenance with this look, but not too much. You’ll need to steer clear of too much heat as this cut shows damaged hair very well.

 And you’ll need to keep those trimmed ends looking sharp. Jennifer Aniston would never let split ends happen to her hair, so you shouldn’t either.

3. Selena Gomez hairstyle


Who doesn’t love Selena Gomez? This girl has great style, a great voice, and of course, great hair.

Those bangs… They are kind of Selena Gomez’s signature hairstyle look, and could quickly become yours too.

Though she’s also known for her bob, Gomez’s bangs really steal the spotlight.

They are certainly a bold move, but a move you likely won’t regret. Her latest bang look includes layered bangs that makes it much more simple for upkeep.

In fact, Gomez claims her haircut takes less than an hour in the salon, and that’s for a celebrity. We guarantee yours will take even less.

You will be visiting the salon more often for bang trims, but those don’t set you back much, and are well worth it if you can come even close to looking like Selena.


4. Kaley Cuoco haircut


This girl has been back and forth with her hairstyle more times than we can count.

From pixie cut to lob and back to pixie cut again, Kaley Cuoco’s haircut today has evolved into a lob that has dipped below her shoulders, and is looking better than ever.

Though not as easy to style as her pixie look, this lob is not a time-suck either. A few simple waves or curls, and you’ve got a fabulously trendy look that is proving to be more timeless than we all thought.

Simply ask your stylist for a lob with some sleek layers in it, and you’ll be walking down the street turning heads like Kaley herself.


5. Scarlett Johansson haircut


Oh, ScarJo. Another Hollywood icon with a fabulous haircut.

The two seem to go hand-in-hand, don’t they?

From brown to blonde, short to long, Scarlett Johansson's hair has seen a number of different styles throughout the years.

And her newest look is a short lob that has recently transformed back to blonde from brown.

Able to pull of really any look in our opinion, ScarJo’s blonde lob is something you too can rock.

A bit shorter than other lobs, you’ll want to ask your stylist to create fluffy and feathered layers that help this cut look extra voluminous and full, as well as soft.

This versatile look can be styled like Scarlett Johansson wore it at the Emmys -- slicked back. Or it can be made into waves. Really, the options feel unlimited.

The lives of celebrities seem oh-so-fabulous, and we think you should get to feel a piece of that too. While you may not have their job, their fame, or their shot at making it big time, you certainly can have the same haircut as them. And, thanks to the Klipped app, that haircut is the one part of a celebrity’s life that is easy to attain. With this app, you can book your appointment with highly-rated and vetted stylists, choose your desires style, upload a photo of the look you’re after, and pay for the cut -- all in one place.

Talk about convenience -- now that’s definitely something any celebrity would love.

So hop on and download the app today to get yourself that celeb look you’ve been lusting after.

Before you start searching for a new hairstyle, make sure you know what type of haircut works best for your face shape. For help, check out our other blog “how to find the best haircut for you” to learn more!

Leslie K. Hughes Klipped LLC