Klipped continues to grow and add new features

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – August 17, 2019 – Klipped, LLC (“Klipped” or “the company”) announced that they have now reached over 500 users in the Santa Barbara area and their hair stylist partners have processed over 2,000 appointments using the scheduling platform.

Klipped was founded in Santa Barbara and has now become the go-to solution for anyone looking to find a new hair stylist or schedule a hair appointment in the area. “It has been amazing to watch our users grow every week. As a small tech company, you always need to listen to user feedback and adapt” said Skylar Urban, Klipped’s CEO & founder “The company has been able to implement new features that have improved our product offering and have streamlined the booking process for clients.”


Klipped now offers a web platform that all hairstylists have access to when they create a profile. This feature allows them to accept appointments from their website and integrates into their iMessage app for quick and easy communication. Also, the new Android application and the improved search functionality have helped Klipped expand its user base and process more appointments.

"I have been using the Klipped app for a while now and love how easy it is to use for both me and my clients" - David Gilkey Stylist and Owner of Coastland Salon in Montecito

“It is difficult to get people to change the way they do business” added Juan Arteaga, Klipped’s COO & Founder. “Barbers and hair stylists have not traditionally seen themselves as small business owners. So getting them to incorporate new technology to improve their day-to-day has been an exciting challenge for us.”


About Klipped

Klipped provides web and mobile based booking and payment solutions for the haircut industry. Klipped is dedicated to improving the booking experience for clients and ensuring our hair stylist partners have all the tools they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses.

For more information please visit www.klippedapp.com, our Instagram or contact us directly.

Skylar Urban